Executive Seating

Blue Line have a large range of Executive Seating and Chairs for the high value user.

The designs at Blue Line are inspired by the human form, and by two joints in particular the knee and the hip, at Blue Line we call it the two point principle, you will notice the effect as soon as you sit down.

At Blue Line we ensure that you purchase a Executive Chair that meets the latest Ergonomic Seating requirements and keeps you comfortable and safe during your long periods at your workstation.

For example the RH40 Chair has the the following benefits.

First of all, the vertical movement of the front of the seat is minimal when leaning backward or forward. Your feet always remain in contact with the floor, minimising the pressure against the underside of your thighs, which eliminates numbness due to restricted blood circulation.

Secondly, the backrest height remains constant, regardless of the seat angle. Consequently the lumbar support is always in the correct position, which helps facilitate an upright posture. You can also increase or reduce the lumber support using the lumbar pump.

The RH40 Chair offers a wide range of options e.g. neck rest, armrests, and several castor alternatives etc. There is an extensive range of fabrics and leather to choose from.

Zephyr Office Chair

Utilising a breathable mesh back, cleverly upholstered within a strong ABS frame, Zephyr provides excellent comfort levels and is available with a choice of 4 arms and 2 mechanism options.

Models available – high back dished square seat as standard.

Choice of mechanisms – back rake only or back rake with seat tilt both with hand wheel adjustment. four arms choices – loop arms, height adjustable, height, angle and fore and aft adjustment or foldaway height adjustment. A polished base option completes the offering.