Blue Line has established a reputation for Innovative Furniture Solutions for Dealing Room Furniture Applications, which provide I.T. departments with easy access to CPU whilst providing dealing room staff with comfortable, ergonomically Optimised Desking Systems.

Blue Line QI System

Blue Line ‘s QI System has been chosen for one of the UK’s largest dealing room contracts placed in recent years. The system, available in bench or height adjustable workstation designs is constructed almost entirely from Sustainable Timber which is not only, good for the environment but also, but also eliminates potential electromagnetic interference associated with metal systems and allows cable anchorage and access ports to be placed virtually anywhere.

The QI System Comprises 2 Elements:

  • CPU Spine – capable of holding up to 6 CPU’s facing in either direction. This totally independent unit carries all I.T. hardware, and supports a wide choice of articulated arms or technology rails for mounting multiple flat screen monitors. Design and comprises a free standing CPU spine which carries all IT hardware including articulated arms or technology rails for multiple monitor use. This allows cabling and testing to be performed before the desking shells are installed.
  • Desking Shells are completely independent and can be moved or height adjusted without any risk of cable snagging. Height Adjustment is achieved from the base of each shell eliminating desk top gaps and the attendant risk of paper loss. See design elements for other height adjustment options.

Bench styled desking shells can also be provided if preferred.

CPU exchange can be achieved in just two minutes either via double doors access in the Spine or by separating the desking shells.