Back App is better than regular office chairs
On Back App you sit with your back in a “resting” position with less than half of the muscle stress you get on an ordinary office chair. Your back is relaxed and when you reach for the phone, you activate your back muscles and then return to the resting position in balance.
It´s a form of interval training and is scientifically documented.

While sitting on your regular office chair and typing, your muscles are receiving over twice as much stress, “Static strain”. They are stressed even more as you reach for the phone and then return to sitting still and “Static strain”. This is tiring for your back.

Back App exercises the supporting muscles of the back
Scientific research shows that when you sit on Back App you train the muscles that
support the spine. The way in which the body moves to keep its balance provides optimal training for the support muscles. These movements come naturally by simply sitting on Back App while you work.

You acquire a better posture and you back is less stressed
The research shows that your posture improves and that your back muscles are relaxed when you sit on Back App. Being able to move freely, the spine finds the optimal point of balance where little energy is needed to keep straight and provide good posture.

You sit in gentle motion motion while keeping your balance
This is what makes Back App unique. Sitting, balancing on the ball with your feet on the foot plate moves the body optimally in all directions. You keep your balance in the same way as when you walk in the woods, ride a horse or paddle a kayak!

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